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Social Media Assessment, Crisis Management Strategy, Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) Assessment, Customer Experience Evaluation, Local Market Conditions Report, Improved Structure and Streamlined Digital Presence, Data-Driven Marketing Strategy, Social Media Content Strategy, Content Scheduling Calendar

Digital Marketing Strategy for Jannah Hotels & Resorts

Jannah Hotels and Resorts is a distinguished leader in the luxury Halal hotel segment, renowned for its unique embodiment of the noble Bedouin hospitality across the United Arab Emirates.

With a portfolio that includes a range of luxury accommodations, from the record-setting Jannah Burj Al Sarab boasting the world’s fastest hotel internet to the tranquil Jannah Hotel Apartments and Villas, they offer an unparalleled experience of affordable luxury and innovative service. 

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our collaboration with Jannah Hotels and Resorts was timely and pivotal. The goal was to help them swiftly adapt to new working and travel patterns while ensuring customer safety and security remained paramount. 

We provided strategic digital marketing support and advice to enhance their online presence, allowing for seamless customer experiences despite the global travel disruptions.

Services Rendered

  • Social Media Assessment and Redirection Strategy
  • Crisis Management Strategy
  • Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) Assessment
  • Customer Experience Evaluation during COVID-19
  • Report on Local Market Conditions in light of the pandemic
  • Digital Presence Optimization for enhanced safety and communication
  • Data-Driven Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Content Strategy adapted to pandemic-related content
  • Content Scheduling Calendar with a focus on safety and reassurance messaging

Key Achievements:

Our efforts resulted in a refreshed and resilient digital presence for Jannah Hotels and Resorts, highlighted by their Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Ossama Charrouf, who praised our team’s professionalism in implementing best practices during a crisis.

We successfully navigated the complexities of marketing during the pandemic, securing Jannah’s position as a safe and desirable destination for travellers seeking luxury Halal accommodations.

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