Jannah Hotels & Resorts

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What They Said
"Working with you was a great pleasure. It shows very high levels of professionalism in auditing, driving and implementing the best practices in digital marketing and social media management.You will definitely be on top of my preferred and recommended companies. We will be in touch again to discuss a further partnership with you and the team."- Ossama Charrouf, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Jannah Hotels & Resorts

Digital Marketing Strategy for Jannah Hotels & Resorts

Embodying the noble spirit of Bedouin hospitality, Jannah Hotels is a chain of hotels situated in Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah in the UAE.

Specialising in affordable luxury and innovative infrastructure, creativity, and dynamism, Jannah needed assistance in refreshing its social media to redirect visitors from outdated pages, enhancing their content, improving their Search Engine Optimisation, and strategically increasing the visibility of positive brand sentiment.

We consulted with Jannah’s Sales and Marketing Team and ran a number of reports and assessments, and created strategies and actionable advice to increase their ROI.

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