Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns

In recent years, Mother’s Day expenditures have increased. Over the past decade, US spending has almost doubled, going from $14.6 billion in 2010 to $28 billion in 2021.

Putting a Mother’s Day marketing campaign plan into effect months or even weeks-before Mother’s Day may not be possible for everyone, but that does not mean you can’t find success at the last minute.

The following tips can help your business succeed this Mother’s Day. 

Mother’s Day - Save the Date!

👉  Mother’s Day in the UK is connected to Easter, so the date changes every year. However, it is typically celebrated in March. 

👉  Mother’s Day in the US, Canada, and Australia is celebrated on the second Sunday in May

You should launch your Mother’s Day Marketing Campaign 3-4 weeks before Mother’s Day.

  • In the UK, Google searches for Mother’s Day inspiration begin at the start of February and peak between March 7th to 13th.
  • In the US, the search for Mother’s Day gifts begins in April and peaks between May 1 and Mother’s Day.
  • In multicultural countries like the United Arab Emirates, we can see searches for both March and May Mother’s Day Events.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

In most cases, people want to buy a present or an experience for their mother because:

  • They want to express gratitude
  • To thank their Mum(s) for providing for them
  • To show appreciation for her generosity and kindness
  • They want their mother to have the best gift

It is important for consumers to find new, lasting ways to express love for their mums.

Flowers remain one of the most popular gifts for mothers. Brands promoting luxury hampers, such as spas and restaurants, home goods, food boxes, and self-care products, are also very popular. 

Restaurants generate the most revenue on Mother’s Day, according to a study conducted by e-commerce software: Womply. Your restaurant should be fully booked ahead of time. 

Consider adding Dine at Home takeaways with flowers and a gift if you don’t offer dine-in or have people on your waiting list.

  • 57% of celebrants plan to take their Mum out on a special outing. 
  • 1 in 4 shoppers is planning to purchase a Mother’s Day Experience in 2023. 

Experiences are more likely to be gifted by millennials and Gen Zers than by Gen Xers and Boomers. They are also more likely to share their gift ideas on social media, an excellent source of User Generated Content.

This could include Private Cooking lessons, or an Exclusive Experiential Event – think Live Music, Photographer, and gorgeous decor.

Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Most brands and publishers put out at least one gift guide, though some create several, each targeting a different audience. It’s important to use that strategy since Mother’s Day isn’t just for the consumer’s mother. Mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and other maternal figures are often given gifts on Mother’s Day.

Learn what gifts your target buyers plan to give their mothers by conducting social media polls. You can also ask your newsletter or Facebook group community. Conduct a survey on your website to find out what your audience wants.

Segments to consider include New Mums, Elderly Parents, and 2-Mum Households.

Mother’s Day Content Strategy

Key “Mother’s Day” messages are:

  • Appreciation
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Gratitude
  • Love

Make sure your campaign generates buzz by creating Mother’s Day-specific content.

  • Create a Landing Page or Category dedicated to Mother’s Day on your website. 
  • Create a Gift Guide for Mother’s Day
  • If you have an affiliate program already established, you can send out an exclusive “Mother’s Day offer to your affiliates and brand ambassadors.
  • Offer Product Personalisation
  • Create a themed Mother’s Day board on Pinterest
  • Send a Mother’s Day Reminder Email
  • Host a Competition or Giveaway
  • Put on a special physical or virtual event to celebrate Mother’s Day with your customers.

YouTube Video Campaigns

In order to reach Generation Zers and Millennials, a video campaign is ideal since Gen Zers – the 11 to 25 crowd – use YouTube to find product recommendations and to help make final purchases. 

YouTube is checked daily by 54% of Millennials. 

Gifting & Give-Aways for Mother’s Day

The feeling of receiving a free gift from a brand you love is indescribable. Consider offering a free gift with purchase for orders over a certain amount this Mother’s Day.

You’ll not only motivate your audience to place an order to qualify, but you’ll also make their Mother’s Day gifts feel more special.

People love Mother’s Day competitions as it’s their chance to celebrate their Mum and possibly win a prize. . You can create a “Tell us in 25 words or less why you would like to have a XYZ for your chance to win ZZZ. Partner up with local artisans for a truly memorable prize.

Local Marketing for Mother’s Day

Update your Google Maps (previously known as Google My Business) listing if you have extended opening hours on Mother’s Day.

Use Groupon or another daily deal website to run a campaign.  These daily deals websites are busy during Mother’s Day, which draws a lot of customers looking for the perfect gift for their mothers.

Cross & UpSell on Mother’s Day 

  • What was the average spend per purchase last year? 
  • Are there ways you can increase it? 

Retailers should look to set up an impulse-buy section with things most mothers love, such as clothing & fashion, flowers, perfumes, jewellery, and skincare. This could be as simple as a pop-up stall in a hotel lobby. 

Spa and salon owners can also include samples of their most popular products in gift baskets. 

Customers who come in for gift cards or who wish to make reservations could be offered samples of best-selling appetisers and desserts on display to create excitement, and of course to tantalise those taste buds! 

Mother’s Day Content Strategy

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